Loan Generation Application and Market Outreach

“Say hello to drone technology” (coming soon)

Turning Loan Applications into Journeys™

  • Loan Generation Application and Market Outreach
  • Shortens approval timeline
  • Relevant and meaningful borrower’s data
  • Property information
  • Property valuation
  • Market Analysis
  • Property inspection
  • Scheduling Inspection visit, Branch visit, etc.
  • Loan generation is personalized and optimized across social media channels

Wolfram Innovator Award

“ValueScape was awarded with Wolfram Innovator Award, recognized as an innovative data science company providing real estate analytics solutions through Navigator™, an iOS application for appraisers and lending institutions. The company provides statistical analysis, visualization, density plots, and geographic data integration.”

Digital Mortgage 2017

“ValueScape has been selected to present its application SnapValue, due to its groundbreaking, disrupting, analytical and data driven approach”

Digital, a disruptive force that is changing retail banking


Of customers indicate they would not hesitate to change financial services providers if they found one that offered a better online/digital offer/experience.

EY: “Global Consumer Banking Survey”

Of millennials are most likely to share content on Facebook, than GenXers 45% and baby boomers 43%.

Business Insider - 2017

Of consumers globally go online first if they are looking to buy a new product or service.

EY: “Global Consumer Banking Survey”

Of all adult Americans use Facebook. 88% 19-29; 79% 30-49; 61% 50-64.

Pew Research Center - 2017

Or more of new inflow revenue will be attributed to digital in the next five years.

McKinsey: “Strategic Choices for Banks in the Digital Age” 2015

Of all closed loans in February 2017 came from millennials.

Ellie Mae’s Millennial Tracker - 2017

Of all browser’ searches in RealtyTrac’s web site came from millennials.

RealtyTrac - 2017

Customer-centric journeys lead to strong business outcomes including higher revenue, happier customers, and lower costs.

Customer satisfaction


Likely to stay/renew


Willingness to recommend


Less likely to cancel/churn


A data science company providing mobile applications, social media outreach and advanced analytics for loan application generation, property inspection and appraisal efficiency.

"We want to digitize the consumer decision journey in housing, including ownership and equity, by streamlining the mortgage process and bringing liquidity enhancement to lenders and consumers"

What We’re Saying

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